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A Romance Novel by Ginie Sayles

She was a Bigamist
by Ginie Sayles

Only four months after her marriage to wealthy, handsome Thaxton Eldridge III, Kytra Bradshaw falls irresistibly in love with another man--a brooding half-breed named Ransom, a madman condemned by his tribe to dwell the island cliffs where he paints exuberant art on kites.

Fall in love with this incredible story that takes you from Martha's Vineyard into the lifestyle of the wealthiest Americans of the Gilded Age - contemporaries of the Astors, Rockefellers, and the Vanderbilts - whose mansions still stand today in Newport, Rhode Island, and are unparalleled in splendor.

Can a woman really love two men at the same time? See for yourself how it happened to this daring woman and why she took an extraordinary risk to love two men. When you meet wealthy, aristocratic Thaxton and tormented Ransom, ask yourself - could you choose between them?

Experience an adventure of forbidden love and sensuality that sizzles with extra Z's! Discover the consequences of one woman's enormous capacity for love and its very real dangers. From the Publisher: In a mansion in 1885 Newport, she was a woman of Society, of fashion, a wife, a mother...and she had a secret...she was a bigamist. Available in Hard Cover or Paperback.

"BEST NOVEL I EVER READ - MY NEW FAVORITE! Completely ORIGINAL! Beautifully written - a wonderful, wonderful love story - thrilling. If you like Emily Bronte and Wuthering Heights, you will LOVE this book because it is written with as much passion and intensity and intelligent perceptiveness. I love the characters, the kites, the curse, the uniqueness of the story, the uniqueness of Ginie Sayles and her writing style - and I love the sexy fantasy of it all. Unlike any other - As I said Bronte-esq passion."


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