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"How To Marry The Rich"

The Above Video is from the PBS Special "Social Class In America"

Ginie Sayles' World-Famous Seminar on How To Marry the Rich is Now Available By Mail! You Can Discover How To Meet and Marry Your Future Rich Mate

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"The Rich will marry somebody, why not you?" -- Ginie Sayles
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  • The Secret Clues That Signal Wealth

  • Know what to say and what not to say

  • Where the rich are - and how to make them notice YOU

  • How to look like a million - and attract a millionaire in the process

  • Learn how to get a person "hooked" on you

  • Strategically get your Rich Mate to the Altar

  • Tie the knot - while avoiding knotty Prenuptial Agreements

  • Love Patterns of the Rich and how to take it to the altar & protect yourself in Prenuptial Agreements

  • Rich Sex ®
How One Man's Life Changed

"I was bankrupt in 1994 but before moving from Los Angeles to the Silicon Valley I went to her seminar. I never looked back. The affirmations are the best I've ever seen. I just recorded them, played them in my 'on its last leg' vehicle and moved to San Francisco Bay area with a determination to change and raise my standards just like her seminar suggests. I took her advice and insisted on moving in a rich Palo Alto neighborhood (only rented a little room but in a million dollar neighborhood 3 houses from Steven Job's house). In less than a month I met the women that I eventually married two years latter. Now I live in a 4 bedroom home, drive a Lexus (she has one too) and money is no longer an issue.

"And what if I had listened to ... negative people? I would have missed out on the love of my life! I never could have imagined love could be this good and I've spiritually grown in ways I never could have imagined.

"I sent Ginie a Christmas card that first Christmas we were married in 1997 and she replied that first year: 'I am SO proud of you and your lovely bride.' I continue to send her a card each year signed, "From a grateful student." Many times the picture of us is taken in places we have traveled in Europe that year; in front of the Eiffel Tower; on a goldola another year from Italy etc.

"I changed my name [slightly] (an option she gives in the seminar). INSTANTLY I felt like a new person. Now the only one who still calls me [my old name] is my sister ;).

"Forget this golddigger stuff; raise your standards! 'Rich' for you can be a house with a picket fence or an estate as she points out. Her chapter of 'Temples of the Rich' took me to the Episcopal church in Beverly Hills; I met the a fellow there who is now my best friend. No, I did not find my bride there, but he was the one who suggested I move to the Silicon where he had recently moved to and THAT'S where I met her. And HE was my best man at our wedding! So it was all directly related to the things I did in her seminar."

Featured on a PBS Special "Social Class In America," Ginie Sayles led the way in this subject; and today, she is the the most famous author on the subject of How to Meet or Marry the Rich.

From struggling single mother on welfare to international speaker and celebrated author, Ginie Sayles is the expert's expert! In fact, other well-known relationship authors seek out her seminars!

You do not have to attain wealth all by yourself - dreaming about a life of luxury and riches and gather information to get long-term, financial commitment and marriage.

Why "How To Marry The Rich"?

When she was single, Ginie's "reputation" for dating wealthy men was the subject of an article published in a Dallas newspaper.

Ginie was asked to teach a seminar about it at that time but she declined for two years - during which time, she married Reed Sayles, and he encouraged her to do it.

Ginie was then asked to write How To Marry The Rich by a Senior Editor from Penguin-Putnam Berkley Books. "This is a career that pursued me," Ginie says, "It must have been something of a 'calling' because I never planned to teach seminars or to write books on that subject."

In 1997, Ginie assigned her entire royalty on the Berkley Books edition of How To Marry The Rich to fund her scholarship fund for single parents which benefits a university in Texas. From that time on, she has never made a penny from royalties on this book.

How One Woman's Life Has Been Affected By The
Work of Ginie Sayles

I learned about Ginie Sayles shortly after my divorce back in 1995. I was flat broke with two small sons. I attended a seminar here in Houston.

I was so impressed with the seminar that I had a personal session with her. Her teachings (and that's what they are) taught me how to open up my imagination and be creative. I didn't marry someone rich but actually became rich myself! Based on her seminar, I went to work in a place of business that catered to the rich. I met many wealthy men that wanted to marry me but as it turned out, I didn't want to marry them!
It made me realize that what I really wanted was to be rich myself, not just marry a rich man and be dependent on his money (and therefore under his control). I wanted to be rich in my own right and live my life the way I wanted to. From that point on, I have been on a mission to make and save money.

Because I now have my own money, I have never remarried preferring to stay single and enjoy the company of men on a less committed basis. As my mother says, "now you're too rich to marry!!!"

Feel free to use this as you wish...Ginie's Biggest Fan

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"The Rich will marry somebody, why not you?" -- Ginie Sayles

Ginie and Reed Sayles


Ginie and Reed Sayles
Ginie and Reed Sayles

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How To Marry the Rich

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