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Rich Sex:® The Sexual
Dynamics of Money

Find Out What Rich Men Won't Tell You

Rich Sex - the program

by Ginie Sayles

At last! The foremost expert on marrying the Rich, Ginie Sayles, releases her provocative Seminar!

Hear what Rich Men confided in private consultations with Ginie:

1. How their money influences their sex lives

2. How sex and money influence their choices of women for relationships

It's surprising and NOT what you think! Over four hours of previously unreleased information!

RICH SEX® "The Sexual Dynamics of Money" - this unique area of study has been created by Ginie Sayles to define what she learned and how it can help you.

Now her popular Registered trademark RICH SEX® "The Sexual Dynamics Of Money" SEMINAR and materials are now a BOOK on CDs, too!

Rich Sex® CD 1

There are 6 Rich Sex® styles and each style is distinctive in the way it uses money as sexual expression in relationships (or just plain fooling around).

These 6 types of Rich Men differ in methods of spending money on a woman, of the women they date, the ones they marry, the women they take as mistresses and the ones they string along - a choice the average man does not have...because of money.

4 dynamite CDs that are chock full of information YOU want!

For example, it tells you which type of Rich Man loves Romance in sex, what type of woman appeals to him, and how lush and lovely sex is with him.

It also tells you which type of Rich Man rushes through sex with little thought of your satisfaction and what type of woman can actually be right for him.

And it tells you how to identify the type of Rich Man who values home and family above all else and the woman he is looking for to fill the bill for him.

And then there is the type of Rich Man who seems as normal as the next guy but only considers sex an ego conquest?

Another type of Rich Man is demanding but generous with the woman who understands him. Ginie defines him so well, you will know if you think he if right for you

And finally, there is a certain type of Rich Man who will move heaven and earth to solve your problems and love he will you in spite of everything and every one.

RICH SEX® "The Sexual Dynamics of Money" will save you a lot of time - just knowing which kind of Rich Man you have snagged (or which one you want to target) and what your chances are of getting what you want out of the relationship, too!

Rich men won't tell you - but GINIE SAYLES will on these 4 powerful CDs.
Rich Sex® CD 2

RICH SEX® "The Sexual Dynamics of Money" gives you an inside look at the Wives of Rich Men.

There are Wives who are adored and honored in marriage to a Rich Man. And then there are those Wives whose hold onto their husbands is tenuous at best.

Ginie shows you the types of women who become cherished Wives and those who are destined to become Ex-Wives.

And just because you date a Rich Man, does it mean you will marry him? Even if you become "engaged" to him things can go wrong. Ginie tells you how to nail it down one way or the other to your advantage. It is no wonder that after this seminar - and now a book - and now on CDs, you can hear women exclaim, "Diamonds are not a girl's best friend - Ginie Sayles is!™"
Rich Sex® CD 3

What about Mistresses? RICH SEX
® "The Sexual Dynamics of Money" tells you the women who become Mistresses instead of Wives and their chances of marrying their Rich Man. There are some Mistresses who DO - and it is interesting to see how they manage easing into 1st place.

For those who don't - Ginie has great tips on how to make the most of your time as his Mistress and come out of it a winner in your own life.

And which Rich Men visit Courtesans - and why? For that matter, how do women in the sex trade fare in relationships with Rich Men?

Once again, Ginie gives you the straight skinny on Mistresses and Courtesans - and how they differ with Rich Men.
Rich Sex® CD 4

RICH SEX® "The Sexual Dynamics of Money" also tells you how to evaluate if a Rich Man is right for you - and, if so, how to find and meet them.

In an interview with a New York Times reporter, Ginie shared new information for RICH SEX® on the Go! - fun ways to meet them while traveling - for business or vacation!

She tells you the names of exact places where they go, when they go there, where to stay, what to do - it's all here! Even if you arrive in a new location and have no idea where to find them; Ginie shares clues to track them down in no time.

Plus she mentions new gimmicks to add fun and excitement to your life - and maybe even create a whole new life with a Rich Man!

Special Introductory Price $59.95 4CDs

Education is the key to a great sex life. This educational seminar tells how to make your own sex life richer - just by learning the subtle but important ways that money influences sex - with fascinating information!
Get the Inside Story From The World's Foremost Expert on the Rich, Ginie Sayles

Rich Sex: The Dynamics of Money

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