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Media Inquiries

To contact Ginie Sayles regarding media interviews, please contact Mr. Murrell at

Private Consultations

Ginie has been contacted for private consultations by many celebrities, including a Grammy award winner, by heirs and heiresses, educators from Harvard, Stanford, and Yale, businesspeople and self-made millionaires, and professionals from all walks of life.

What have consultees said?

"You came to Houston a little over a year ago. Immediately after meeting you, my confidence, self-esteem and my entire life took a commplete turn. I met a new man (wealthy) whom I fell madly in love with. He is absolutely fabulous! We have been together approximately one year and things constantly get better every day. You have helped me so much - Thank you - God bless."

"The consultation was different from what I expected and it wasn't until almost a month later that I realized how much you had seen into my needs and how right you were. I have made the changes you talked about and, Ginie, I can't believe how much better my life is now. Thanks, lady!"

"The best money I've spent. Worth every penny!"

"The role-playing and practice sessions made all the difference in the world. I have more confidence in my social skills now."

Please Note: At this time, Mrs. Sayles is not available for private consultations. She is very happy for all her students, clients, and consultees. Each and every one of them has been a great joy to her, and she wishes them all the success in the world.

Join the tens of thousands of people worldwide who have benefitted from Ginie Sayles' teachings on How To Marry the Rich, How To Write a Book in Three Weeks, and more.

Ginie and Reed Sayles

Ginie and Reed Sayles have been married for over thirty years. They met in Dallas, Texas. Reed spent over twenty years in the Texas oil and gas industry.

Reed and Ginie spend 24 hours a day together. They agreed to do this at the beginning of their marriage.

Reed says, "We don't expect other couples to live the way we do - they may have different jobs or they may need their space; but for us, being together 24 hours a day forces us to deal with any issues, resolve them quickly, and keep harmony. Besides, we like being together. Everything is more fun; and we find it makes our marriage enormously fulfilling."

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