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Attract Love: Positive Self Reprogramming

For Men and Women

Reinforce your inner knowledge of your power to attract love.

Your inner programming is the key to finding love.

You can re-program yourself to:

Replace fears now with new anticipation

Attract love to your new level of belief

Project joy, confidence, and fearless love

Please Note: Do not listen to this CD in your car. It is soothing and relaxing so that you can even listen to it each night as you go to sleep!

"Without Ginie Sayles, I Would Probably Still Be Single."

"Flirting did not come to me naturally. Because of Ginie Sayles, I have been happily married for fourteen years to an airline pilot and great guy. Without her advice, I would probably still be single. Take her advice! It works!"

- G.W.

"I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't found the right person yet."

"I saw Ginie Sayles on 'Oprah'.... She offers a lot of helpful advice on dating & maintaining relationships.

"Use this as a resource to find 'Mr. Right' and be ethical about it. Don't let people tell you it's game playing because it's not. No one can play a game forever and most people will be on their best behavior while dating.

"Adjusting your habits (especially bad habits), improving your appearance & dating behavior just makes sense when you are trying to find a lifelong partner.

"I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't found the right person yet & wants to find someone to fit into their desired lifestyle."

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