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"The Rich will marry someone - why not you?" - Ginie Sayles

Once upon a time, there was absolutely NO teaching on how to marry the rich.

That is, until Ginie Sayles came along, taking the world by storm with her eyebrow-raising teaching on How To Marry the Rich!

With her "shocking," frank discussions of "marrying for money," Ginie Sayles has fascinated millions in her appearances on every major network and talk show for years. She's been profiled by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and many more.

Ginie literally wrote the book on How To Marry the Rich, and she has travelled the world for years teaching her seminar in person. However, this seminar has been unavailable for a decade.

Finally, you can now get the original seminar recording - unavailable for a decade - once again.

How Marrying A Rich Spouse Can Change Your Life

"I can never get ahead," thinks Julie, a single mother of two who frequently stays up late trying to balance her budget.

Then one day, purely by chance, Julie meets Rick, a self-made owner of rental property.

Rick makes her feel like she can finally relax and not worry about making ends meet.

"He's really good with money, and he gives me great advice," Julie says.

Rick and Julie marry in less than a year, and things change drastically for Julie.

She's able to put her two children in a private school, as well as give her daughter ballet lessons.

She has time to attend all of her children's events.

And Julie is also making plans to return to school to finish her degree part-time.

Rick knows how much Julie wants to do meaningful work that makes a difference in the world - and he supports her dreams completely.

That's how being married to a well-off spouse can change your life.

Is This Marrying For Money?

Who you marry is your choice. So are the reasons you do this.

This teaching is not for fakes or phony people. They'd be spotted a mile away in the world of the wealthy.

Rich or poor, we all marry for love, not money. With this teaching, you will understand what's uniquely special to a rich person when it comes to love, commitment, and marriage.

You will know exactly how to win over the heart of the rich person, even if you have others who want to knock you out of the running and take over your place.

What's Surprising about How To Marry the Rich?

It's so much deeper, and so much more informative, than you may imagine.

Ginie Sayles' teaching on understanding, loving, and marrying the rich is like none other because of her amazing insight and intuition and her cut-to-the-chase advice to keep you from spending months or years on the wrong relationship - so you can move on to the right one.

"I Never Looked Back"

"I was bankrupt, but before moving from Los Angeles to the Silicon Valley I went to Ginie Sayles' seminar. I never looked back. The affirmations are the best I've ever seen. I just recorded them, played them in my 'on its last leg' vehicle, and moved to the San Francisco Bay area with a determination to change and raise my standards just like her seminar suggests. "I took Ginie's advice and insisted on moving to a rich Palo Alto neighborhood (only rented a little room, but in a million dollar neighborhood 3 houses from Steven Job's house).

"In less than a month I met the woman that I married two years later. Now we live in a four-bedroom home, I drive a Lexus (she has one too) and money is no longer an issue.

"And what if I had listened to ... negative people? I would have missed out on the love of my life! I never could have imagined love could be this good and I've spiritually grown in ways I never could have imagined.

"I sent Ginie a Christmas card that first Christmas after we were married, and she replied: 'I am SO proud of you and your lovely bride.' I continue to send her a card each year with a picture of my wife and I, signed, 'From a grateful student.' Many times the picture of us is taken in places we have traveled in Europe that year; in front of the Eiffel Tower; on a goldola another year in Italy, etc.

"I changed my name [slightly] (an option Ginie gives in the seminar). INSTANTLY I felt like a new person. Now the only one who still calls me [my old name] is my sister ;).

"Forget this gold digger stuff; raise your standards! 'Rich' for you can be a house with a picket fence or an estate, as she points out. Her teaching took me to the Episcopal church in Beverly Hills; I met a fellow there who is now my best friend. No, I did not find my bride there, but he was the one who suggested I move to the Silicon Valley where he had recently moved to and THAT'S where I met my wife. And HE was my best man at our wedding! So it was all directly related to the things I did in Ginie Sayles' seminar."

"From that point on, I have been on a mission."

"I learned about Ginie Sayles shortly after my divorce. I was flat broke with two small sons. I attended her seminar in Houston.

"I was so impressed with the seminar that I had a personal session with her. Her teachings (and that's what they are) taught me how to open up my imagination and be creative.

"I didn't marry someone rich but actually became rich myself! Based on her seminar, I went to work in a place of business that caters to the rich. I met many wealthy men who wanted to marry me but as it turned out, I didn't want to marry them!

"All this made me realize that what I really wanted was to be rich myself, not just marry a rich man and be dependent on his money (and therefore under his control). I wanted to be rich in my own right and live my life the way I wanted to. From that point on, I have been on a mission to make and save money.

"Because I now have my own money, I have never remarried, preferring to stay single and enjoy the company of men on a less committed basis. As my mother says, "Now you're too rich to marry!!!"

"Feel free to use my words as you wish to let others know about Ginie Sayles' seminar..."

- Ginie's Biggest Fan

What's the Story Behind "How To Marry The Rich"?

Ginie Sayles was born in West Texas to a family of modest means. As a young child she began to be aware that there was a whole other world out there - of people with money.

As Ginie became a young adult, she entered beauty pageants, wrote a book on how to win pageants, and got a college degree. But she also struggled as a young single mother who was completely broke and on welfare!

Ginie continued to evolve from a school teacher raising her child alone, to a confident, sassy, head-turning stockbroker. As she became more and more at ease in the world of the wealthy, her keen intellect and intuitive nature paid close attention to the fine points of life among the wealthy.

Ginie was something of a local legend for her knack of dating wealthy men, and she was the subject of an article in a Dallas newspaper!

That's when she was encouraged to write a book on How To Marry the Rich. But Ginie refused for years, even after she married. Ultimately, it was her wealthy husband, Reed Sayles, who finally persuaded her to write How To Marry the Rich, which became a best seller and gained worldwide recognition for Ginie as the world's expert on understanding and marrying the rich.

Ginie and Reed have appeared together on every major talk show, discussing their marriage and how Ginie'd snagged her rich "Texas oil" husband. Reed, being a man of a very kind nature, didn't mind one bit. In fact, Reed is so crazy about Ginie, and vice versa, that they have never been apart for more than thirty years now!

Ginie has been contacted for private consultations by many celebrities, including a Grammy award winner, by heirs and heiresses, educators from Harvard, Stanford, and Yale, business executives, self-made millionaires, and professionals from all walks of life. She has appeared on "The View," on "Oprah," has been profiled by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, all major television networks, and too many interviews and profiles to list.

For many years, Ginie traveled the world giving THIS seminar "How To Marry the Rich" to audiences full of enthusiastic men and women. Right now, Ginie limits her public appearances and no longer gives this seminar.

For some time, the recording of seminar has NOT been available anywhere, despite numerous requests to bring it back.

But now, finally, you can get this complete seminar recording by Ginie Sayles on How To Marry the Rich.

This is the original seminar, only available on this website!

Get This Rare Seminar Recording Now! Yes, This Is For Men and Women Both!

How to Find and Meet Your Rich Mate

The Secret Clues That Signal Wealth

How To Get Your Rich Person To Want To Date You

Learn How to Get Your Rich Person "Hooked" on You

How To Eliminate Your Competition and Get Your Rich Person To Date Only You

The Psychology of Keeping Your Rich Mate Interested For Life

How To Strategically Close the Deal - And Marry Your Rich Mate.

Tie the Knot - and Avoid Knotty Prenuptial Agreements

And Much, Much More.

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The teaching of Ginie Sayles has been sought after by celebrities and the wealthy - and has helped thousands attain financial stability, confidence, and true love - not necessarily in that order. Ginie's teaching will work for you, too.

This course is not for everyone, but it is for the person who truly appreciates the value of what this teaching will mean for your life and your future.

You'll return to this teaching again and again - especially during the meeting and falling-in-love stages of your new relationship!

"The rich will marry someone - why not you?" - Ginie Sayles

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